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Apulia (Puglia wines)

Wines with PUGLIA name on label are produced solely with grapes cultivated within the Italian region Apulia, which territory has a length (north to south) of 400Km (250Miles) that so characterizes variability natural environment. Main soil component is Limestone and from its degradation on surface, we got iron and aluminium oxides, visible as red soil. This helps obtaining fine white wines. Viticulture is present between 200 and 700 meters above sea level. Climate is characterized by great temperature range between summer and winter. During vine physiological circle, between April and September, raining is modest, around 300mm.

Historically vine is cultivated since pre-roman times and some varieties were brought in the region by Greeks. Romans took control of the region in 275 BC and shipping port of Bari was developed since 244 BC. During all roman times wine was exported from the region and areas like Manduria and Alezio were reported by historical “wine writers”. During medieval times wine remained confined in the region which re-started to export during renaissance. In XVIII and XIX centuries Apulia production was more focused on volume but this trend changed towards quality during the last century. The wine from this region, PUGLIA IGT, can be clearly identified on tasting and analysis. Characteristics shared among almost all the wines are balance in their components and aromas coming from grape variety. [14].

Wine descriptions

RED wines colour is red with violet hues; smell is fruity and complex; taste can span from dry, fruity, and aromatic to rich and elegant, it is harmonious and typical and has longevity potential; ROSE wines colour is cherry; smell is intense and persistent; taste can be dry or mild with many layers of aroma and flavours, indeed rather complex and interesting. WHITES colour is straw-yellow, can be intense; smell is fruity; taste is dry, typical, sapid, delicate with ripe fruit notes.

[14] Winemaking normative requirements, up-to-date.

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