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Campania (Taurasi, Irpinia)

TAURASI is resulting from a long and vital culture of winemaking in Irpinia. The wine itself is made within 17 Municipalities in Avellino, Campania, with Aglianico vines grown between 400 and 700 mt. of altitude. Climate is typical of inland, with great temperature variation and limited rainfall. Irpinia is one of the most important wine districts in Italy, as demonstrated by the presence, since 1878, of the Avellino School of Viticulture and Enology. Historically, Aglianico grape was introduced around the VII century BC, probably by the Greeks. The area was populated by pre-Romanic civilizations and the culture of winemaking evolved since then to our times. Taurasi is strong, elegant, austere yet balanced; it is tannic and enclosed in youth, can endure exceptionally long ageing, for having great minerality, good alcoholicity, body, and completeness.

Wine description

TAURASI colour is intense ruby-garnet red, and it can gain orange hues during ageing; smell is characteristic, ethereal, pleasant can be intense; taste is dry, satisfactory, harmonious, balanced and with a persistent aftertaste. AGLIANICO CAMPI TAURASINI colour is ruby-red, veering over garnet with aging. Smell is intense, persistent, characteristic, and pleasant; taste is dry, righteously tannic, soft, thick. [14]

[14] Winemaking normative requirements, up-to-date.

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