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Liguria (Riviera, Colline Savonesi)

RIVIERA LIGURE DI PONENTE refers to five types of wine including GRANACCIA (Alicante) and PIGATO, which must be made respectively of minimum 90% of Granaccia (Alicante) and 95% of Pigato grape varieties. Area of production is the Riviera Ligure di Ponente (Ligurian Riviera in the west of Genoa) in municipalities belonging to the provinces of Imperia, Savona, and Genova. COLLINE SAVONESI area of production is within the territory of Savona province. [14]. Liguria and winemaking have a remarkably close and traditional tie. This small Mediterrean coastal region has hills that seem to almost drop into the sea, and this has made farming, above all olive and grape growing, challenging. [...] the Riviera Ligure di Ponente [...] aside from being famous for tourism is also home to a vast DOC appellation that produces the region's most popular wines. [1]

Wine descriptions

RIVIERA LIGURE DI PONENTE GRANACCIA (ALICANTE) colour is ruby red; smell is fairly persistent, vinous, characteristic; taste is dry, pleasant, fairly bodied. RIVIERA LIGURE DI PONENTE PIGATO colour is straw yellow; smell is intense, characteristic, slightly aromatic; taste is dry, full, slightly bitterish, almondy. COLLINE SAVONESI ROSATO colour is pinkish, smell is delicate, taste is fresh and balanced. [14].

[1] Cernilli, Daniele (2017). "The Ultimate Guide to Italian Wine 2018". Doctor Wine by Daniele Cernilli. ISBN 978-88-941075-1-8

[14] Winemaking normative requirements, up-to-date.

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