Valdobbiadene Colfondo Notae


Name: White Sparkling wine Col Fondo
Winemaker: Col del Lupo
Region: Veneto, Italy
Vintage: s.a.
Grape: Glera 95%, Verdiso 5%
Fining: naturally re-fermented in the bottle. No degorgement, unfiltered.
Alcohol by volume: 11.0 %
Case size: 6x750ml
Bottle production: 10’000 bottles



Colour: straw yellow with pale greenish shades. Taste: fruity with a delicate scent of yeasts and bitter aftertaste. Bouquet: decanted delicately to maintain the clarity, gives off scents of bread crusts and yeasts. Gastronomic accompaniment: Italian cured meats, seasoned cheese and fresh baked bread. Serving temperature: 6-8° C.

Valdobbiadene Colfondo Notae

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